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If design is not your expertise and you need to make a widget to help improve your task, where do you go? You have always wanted to try out an idea you have just had or have had for years, where do you start? Your new equipment doesn’t fully interface with existing equipment because of an unforeseen missing link. How do you overcome this?  Many consultancies will charge you just for the privilege of discussing your idea with them. Some will not even discuss it with you unless its a “million pound idea”.

At Zeta Seven we offer everything from full product design and development to advice on your ideas and how best to go forward in realising them. With expertise ranging from mechanical, electrical, software, firmware and electronic design, we are able to deliver bespoke solutions covering all or just one of these disciplines.

We are here to help you bring your ideas to life and provide design services where you have a lack or just need a different perspective.